District 4-C2 3rd Meeting Minutes

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Meeting was called to order by DG Barry Bialkoski, in attendance were: Mendocino Region
Chair Sheryl Mitchum, Zone l Chair Marge Pardini & Zone 2Chair Robert Pounds; Sonoma
Region Chair Art Zimmel Zone 1 Chair Beverlee Block; Marin Region Chair Rick Carnal, Zone
2 Chair Carl Steiner; Delta Zone 1 Chair Karen Whitecotton; IPDG Les Mize; 1VDG Mike
o’Neill; 2vDG Jaymie Kilgore; ct sandra stevens; and cs PDG phyllis Rogers.
2 VDG Jaymie made the motion to accept the minutes as posted on email, lVDG Mike O’Neill
seconded. All approved.
CT Sandra read the treasurer’s report which is attached, lVDG Mike O’Neill made the motion to
accept the report as posted on email, 2VDG Jaymie Kilgore seconded. All approved.
CT Sandra read the report on the LCIF $10,000 2018 Fire Grant refund, lVDG Mike O,Neil
made the motion to approve the refund, 2VDG Jaymie Kilgore seconded. All approved.
lvDG Mike O’Neill reported that club Dues were up to date for MD4
2VDG Jaymie Kilgore reported that Clubs Tax Status was still being worked on, although slow, was
being successful. A possible solution for the future is to have a Club/District Cloud Storage
space for all clubs use for storing documents regarding 501(c)4 and 501(c)3 status.
Reports by Region Chairs are attached.
Letters of intent from candidates for DG, lVDG & 2VDG tor 2019-2020 are attached.
Meeting adjourned at 9:15 AM.
Respectfully submitted,

PDG Phyllis Rogers, Cabinet Secretary

For more details, open attachements

4-C2 3rd Cabinet Meeting Minutes

4-C2 3rd Dist Meeting Minutes

4-C2 3rd District Meeting Reports

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